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RHOMBUS Interactive offers a full range of web and computer-based services from design and user experience to computer and network configuration and consulting
  • Professional front-end design and layout to get your business noticed
  • Responsive design for proper display on all mobile devices
  • Intuitive navigation design for effective user experiences
  • Consulting
  • Front-end scripting and programming
  • Integration with WordPress for easy updates to your content
  • Image sliders, carousels, & galleries
  • Optimization of code, images, audio, and video for faster load times
  • Blogs
  • Computer setup and consulting
  • Digital media formatting & website integration of audio, video and graphics
  • Audio editing
  • Video editing
  • Graphic editing

This portfolio highlight focuses on a client's request for a custom image slider (as part of the website build) that would allow users to slide through thumbnail images and then select the image they wanted to show in the larger image area. This solution needed to allow for an indefinite number of images to be loaded, and it needed to utilize a scrollbar for laptops and desktops while utilizing touch scrolling for mobile devices.

The custom image slider ended up utilizing two free existing programs; an off-the-shelf image slider and a scroll program. Custom code was used to modify the existing programs and have them talk to each other and display what the client requested. It is also fully responsive and correctly resizes and adjusts to any screen size or mobile device.

The screenshot below is how it appears on a mobile device. Read through the corresponding numbers below to get more info on each feature.

This area shows the larger image based on the selection of the thumbnail image. The user can also jump to the next or previous image by clicking on the left or right arrows

This area shows an array of thumbnail images which the user can select to display it in the larger image area. Users can either scroll using the scrollbar or use touch-scrolling on mobile devices

This scrollbar allows the user to scroll the list of thumbnail images and also serves to indicate the position of thumbnail images relative to the others

The image scroller and associated website were programmed with a responsive design and will correctly resize and adjust to any screen on any computer or mobile device

RHOMBUS Interactive was founded in early 2015 out of the desire to help businesses better communicate their value. The founder, Tim Stück, had spent the previous 17 years at Hewlett-Packard (HP) where he was a project manager, web designer, and digital media producer. His HP job also allowed him the opportunity to manage and contribute towards projects for other companies such as Clorox, Starbucks, Procter & Gamble, DirecTV, and VMware (to name a few), and he had the privilege of working virtually with clients from all over the world.

This vast experience is put to good use at RHOMBUS Interactive, where quality work and satisfied customers have been and will always be the top priority.

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